Monday, April 29, 2013

79. American communication between two people is simpler - you just say "you".  Germany has the tedious "sie/du" difference to contend with.

80. Almost all larger American businesses have cost-free telephone numbers.  In Germany, you usually have to pay for the call.

81. German restaurants allow dogs inside.  This can be a disturbance to other patrons, and is unhygienic.

82. In America, there is a clear separation between church and state.  All religions are equal.  In Germany, church and state are intertwined, which can alienate those in the minority.

83. In America, you can use credit and debit cards almost everywhere, even for a 70 cent Coke.  The acceptance of these forms of payment is not nearly as widespread in Germany, which means the tediousness and danger of carrying cash is unavoidable.

84. In America, you can make returns to stores for whatever reason, as long as you have the receipt.  Sometimes, you don't even need the receipt.  In Germany, stores usually only take returns if the item is defective.